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Thanks to all of our supporters, contributors, artists, participants, and listeners for making this project happen!

We’ll keep you all posted as we wrap things up and build the archive!


Programming extended for one day only!

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Tune in at noon for Two Tickets to Paradise, a discussion between Dana, Matt, and Spencer about selling eggs, motivational speakers, and shoplifting!

Listen in to hear an interview with Steve Elkins about his up-coming film and then more music!

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We are currently airing an interview with Steve Elkins which will be followed by Travels in Constants by Drona Parva (Time-Lag Records), Trilogie de la Mort by Eliane Radigue and then The Electric Harpsichord by Catherine Christer Hennix to help you wind down on this blustery and damp Sunday evening…

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland

Tune in today at 4:30pm for Space is the Play: Conversations About Space with Children Hosted by Lovage Sharrock

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Tune in here!

Tune in for the last day of programming starting at 3pm!

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Tune in at 3pm for Red Ravager’s Reel: Folk, old-time, and psych afternoon music with Lauren Sorensen

Tune in at 4pm Space is the Play: Conversations About Space with Children with Lovage Sharrock

Tune in at 5pm for an interview with Steve Elkins about his up-coming film with Brianna Toth. Shooting locations will include eastern Siberia, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, and the ALMA Project in Chile. It will involve the largest astronomy project in human history, Tuvan throat singers, a neuroscientist’s quest to actually photograph memories being formed in the brain, and the creation of sand mandalas in remote Buddhist monasteries between Pakistan and Tibet, all told through the true story of a man running alone across Death Valley in average temperatures of 130 degrees fahrenheit.

Starting at 7pm (PDT) live drone improvisation by Sam Weinert followed by a fieldrecording by Josh Churchill

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Tune in at 7pm for a live performance of Fool’s Errand:  A Live Drone Improvisation for Analog Electronic Oscillators, Filters, and Percussion Generators (1:11) by Sam Weinert broadcast live from Liminal Space

Followed by long-form parallel-time field recording by Joshua Churchill from 10pm – 5am


Joshua Churchill, Long-form parallel overnight field recording, Djerassi SMIP Ranch, Woodside, CA, Sept 6, 2011

These multi-hour overnight field recordings were recorded by Joshua Churchill at various locations in 2011 and 2012. They are being played back without interruption at the same time of the night and early morning as they were originally recorded, detailing the aural environment of that particular place and time.

This particular field recording includes choruses of crickets, coyotoes, owls and songbirds, as well as the occasional overhead plane and other unidentifiable animals/insects which can be heard directly investigating the microphone/recorder.

Landscape Film & the Poisoned Sublime: Films by Russell, McInnis, Matheson, Stratman, Lachenmann, Barbieri & Hindle tonight at Liminal Space

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An evening of film co-presented by One Loves Only Form & SF Cinematheque

LIMINAL SPACE | 950 54th St. Oakland 94608
Thursday March 29th | 7:30pm doors, 8:00 program start
Contribution: $10 (no one turned away for lack of funds)

Home-brewed Kombucha by Casey Lanski

Bahn mi and spring rolls by Nellie Nguyen & Hajera Ghori

As Against the Fevered Distance: Landscape Film and the Poisoned Sublime

SHU (Blue Hour Lullaby) by Philipp Lachenmann 

“…The direct star-blast from vectors and signals, from the vertical and the spatial. As against the fevered distance of the cultural gaze.

Joy in the collapse of metaphor […]. The exhilaration of obscenity, the obscenity of obviousness, the obviousness of power, the power of simulation. As against our disappointed virginity, our chasms of affectation.

Sideration. Star-blasted, horizontally by car, altitudinally by the plane, electronically by television, geologically by deserts, stereolithically by the megapoloi, transpolitically by the power game, the power museum that America has become for the whole world.”  – Jean Baudrillard, America

The wide open spaces of the American West, banality born of extreme distance. Inspired by America, Jean Baudrillard’s infamously Continental adaptation of the freewheeling Kerouacian beatnik jaunt, this program exalts the lure and love of American spaces, laments the end of adventure on the open road, and presents troubled fantasies of freedom made impossible within our Google-mapped, GPS-ed, infinitely surveilled landscape. Program begins with Deborah Stratman’s In Order Not to Be Here—“images of suburban surveillance and violence that push up against the limits of the real”—and concludes with Steven Matheson’s Apple Grown in Wind Tunnel, a masterful mystery narrative of environmental illness and truck stop subcultures with pirate radio broadcasts wafting across the poisoned planes of the American west. The films between: Landscapes in Alphabetical Order by Katherin McInnis, the map and the territory, rationalized; Trypps #7 (Badlands) by Ben Russell, crystalline depiction of desert dissolution; SHU (Blue Hour Lullaby) by Philipp Lachenmann, in which the stars shine bright over the old carceral home; Olivo Barbieri’s site specific_LAS VEGAS 05, the desert oasis rendered as a micro-panoptic toy; and the final “lost film” by Will Hindle, the lyrical road film Trekkerriff.

–Steve Polta

Tune in at 7pm (PDT) to hear Alex Curse read her essay,”The Crystal Lassie Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even: Bel Geddes, Duchamp, Minkowski, and Theming the Fourth Dimension.”

by emily

Local writer/artist Alex Cruse reads her essay, “The Crystal Lassie Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even: Bel Geddes, Duchamp, Minkowski, and Theming the Fourth Dimension.”
Cruse examines how a then-nascent “sci-fi” aesthetic and “4D” ideation of space in the mid-20th century relate to the continued othering and objectification of the female form. Additionally, she shows how ‘theming,’ as cultural practice, has infiltrated the very intellectual modes that permit our understanding of the architectural, historical, artistic, or scientific phenomena discussed in the essay.


Tune in today at noon!

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Tune in at noon for an interview with Amy Balkin by Michael DeLong followed by an interview with Steve Dunifer from Free Radio Berkeley by Nicole Jones.

After that, tune in for Movement, Language, Space a project by Josué Rivera and Cory Scozzari followed by Exercises in Remote Landscape Exploration a sound piece by Renee Rhodes.

An Addition To The Evenings Programming: Still Searching For The Slowest Jam

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Tonight after the Activate The Medium Series concludes at 11:30pm we will continue to search for the slowest jam with your beloved hosts from last week: Jessica Carr and Joachim Hansen.

Join us until 2am as we continue our journey into the night…