Look Up More Often, an installation by the Young Astronaut Club

by onelovesonlyform

OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, March 17th from 7-9pm

Artist Television Access
992 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

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Look Up More Often is an installation by the Young Astronaut Club. This fledgling organization of individuals is interested in not just space travel, but the practice of being curious, remembering to look skyward and thinking about the future in fantastical rather than practical terms. The club will produce a newsletter and memoribilia while organizing talks, screenings, and other group activities.

In its first manifestation at MacArthur B Arthur Gallery in Oakland, the Young Astronaut Club recruited members through questionnaires designed to give a physical shape to the Young Astronaut Clubhouse. The aggregated answers on these forms produced the club’s design sense. Look Up More Often is the first realization of this ethos.

The installation at ATA represents an indeterminate time between the middle and aftermath of a Young Astronaut Club party, encouraging passers-by to embrace one of the club’s most basic goals: maintain a sense of wonder by periodically looking up at the night sky.

For more information visit sarahhotchkiss.com.