Live reading of H. P. Lovecraft’s “The Color Out of Space” from Explorist International Tonight at 5pm!

by onelovesonlyform

Join our readers for a story telling journey into the unknown with Gina Basso.

When a meteorite hits Arkham, Massachusettes a strange force takes over a small farm, destroying the Gardener family and leaving them shrouded in a town rumor. Many years later a man finds out the truth about the Gardeners’ fate — “horror from the skies.”

Readers include: Kim West, Steven Jenkins, Tammy Fortin, Margaret Tedesco, George Chen, Katie Clay, Zach Von Joo, Walter Logue, Erica Gangsei, Chris Dixon, Andre Williams, Tomoko Otsuka, Canner Mefe, Sarah Bernat, Sarah Cathers, Henry Plotnik, Mindy Bagdon and more…

Tune in on your radio dial if you’re in the surrounding neighborhood on 89.1fm.

We apologize that those of you who logged onto the website to listen could not access the stream, we will stream this reading tomorrow morning at 10am (PDT).