Stereo Mashup and Slow Jams from 10pm – 2am!

by onelovesonlyform

Starting this Tuesday evening with an hour long stereo mashup by George Chen. From 10pm – 11pm tune in two different shows that will play simultaneously on separate channels: one program in the left and the other in the right. Simulating the effect of tuning found between stations, the listener can choose to hard pan or listen to both in stereo.

playlist RIGHT
M.I.A. “Paper Planes” vs. Steve Reich “Clapping Music” (YoutubeDoubler)
Alvarius B “Humor Police” – Baroque Primitiva (Abduction)
Neil Campbell & Robert Horton “Cut-Free Taste Death” – Trojandropper (Zum)
U.S. Girls “Island Song” (KRAAK)
Terrors “Hit & Miss Iowa City (For Charles)” – Lagan Qord (Weird Forest)
Josie Long “Snails vs. Cyborgs” – Trying Is Good
Shoppers “II” – Silver Year (Feeble Minds)
Canaries Kept Quiet Kill “Yellow Jackets”
Bronze “Showing Them” – Copper (Rvng Intl)
Grouper “Demona” Dead Moon cover (YETI)
Dalot “Canyon” – Minutestatic (n5MD)
Michael Hurley “Wildgeeses” – Ida Con Snock (Gnomonsong)

playlist LEFT
Silence of the Lambs vs. Alvin Lucier “I Am Sitting In A Room” (YoutubeDoubler)
USAISAMONSTER “Bunk Fun” – Citizens Of The Universe (Infrasound)
David Tudor “Pulsers” – Three Works For Live Electronics (Lovely)
Fairport Convention “Tam Lin” – Who Knows Where The Time Goes? (Island)
Aziz Ansari “My Random Roommate” – Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening (Consensual Evening)
Gold Chains “Straight From Your Radio” – Gold Chains (Tigerbeat6)
Tim Hecker “Hatred Of Music I” – Ravdeath, 1972 (Kranky)
Scrotum Poles “Helicopter Honeymoon”- Auchmithie Forever (Dulc-I-Tone)
Uke Of Spaces Corners County “Flotilla” – So Far On The Way (Trd W/D)


Starting at 11pm and going on throughout the night until 2am tune in or call into the studio from for In Search of the Slowest Jam hosted by Joachim Hansen & Jessica Carr. Together they will be taking live calls all night from 415-912-7442!

In Search of the Slowest Jam will delve into the deepest depths of groove as we push man’s understanding of his own rhythms.  For three hours we will inhabit the pause between sensuality and soul, living in our inhalation of the worlds we desire.  Cease to struggle, and allow the greatness of this time to move through you as we tease our moment to a pitch.