Kristofer Mills and James Sterling Pitt’s RRP (Recovered Records Project) Followed by Joshua Churchill’s Long-Form Parallel-Time Field Recording

by emily

Tune in at 10pm (PDT) for Kristofer Mills and James Sterling Pitt’s project, RRP (Recovered Records Project)!

From their proposal: “We are interested in creating a recording/broadcast using discarded vinyl LP’s as source material.  Inheriting the sounds embedded in these pre-existing records, the warps, scratches, notes, words, etc., and by using the titles of songs/ lyrics, musical language (notes, chords) as a connective thread we will create a new composition. Along with the found sounds and language of the records themselves, in the spirit of collaboration both Kristofer and James’ memories of the day together finding the records, the wind, temperature, landscape, our language and intuition will guide the composition. We see this approach to composition not unlike writing a poem or giving new life to music/sounds that have been left to the periphery….like fading memories themselves.”

Track Listing:

1. Mediterranean Mosaic
2. Joyful Spirit
3. Santa Cruz
4. Fire on the Water/ The Magnetic North
5. Special Delivery
6. Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen
7. Do What You Like
8. No One Can Do It Better
9. Remember When
10. For Earth Below
11. Interlude (I Still Feel that Feeling)
12. Beautiful Dreamer
13. Oh Susanna (Destroyed)
14. Fuck You, Shadowfax
15. Thank You, Shadowfax
16. Cricket’s Wickett / The Maiden Speaks
17. Crickets in Reverse/ Steppes and Steppes Around
18. The Unit (Failed)
19. We All Believe
20. Seagulls Taped
21. My Favorite Things (Dueling)

Followed by:

Long-Form Parallel-Time Field Recording, Djerassi SMIP Ranch Woodside, CA Sept. 6, 2011 by Joshua Churchill