Starting at 7pm (PDT) live drone improvisation by Sam Weinert followed by a fieldrecording by Josh Churchill

by onelovesonlyform

Tune in at 7pm for a live performance of Fool’s Errand:  A Live Drone Improvisation for Analog Electronic Oscillators, Filters, and Percussion Generators (1:11) by Sam Weinert broadcast live from Liminal Space

Followed by long-form parallel-time field recording by Joshua Churchill from 10pm – 5am


Joshua Churchill, Long-form parallel overnight field recording, Djerassi SMIP Ranch, Woodside, CA, Sept 6, 2011

These multi-hour overnight field recordings were recorded by Joshua Churchill at various locations in 2011 and 2012. They are being played back without interruption at the same time of the night and early morning as they were originally recorded, detailing the aural environment of that particular place and time.

This particular field recording includes choruses of crickets, coyotoes, owls and songbirds, as well as the occasional overhead plane and other unidentifiable animals/insects which can be heard directly investigating the microphone/recorder.