Tune in for the last day of programming starting at 3pm!

by onelovesonlyform

Tune in at 3pm for Red Ravager’s Reel: Folk, old-time, and psych afternoon music with Lauren Sorensen

Tune in at 4pm Space is the Play: Conversations About Space with Children with Lovage Sharrock

Tune in at 5pm for an interview with Steve Elkins about his up-coming film with Brianna Toth. Shooting locations will include eastern Siberia, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, and the ALMA Project in Chile. It will involve the largest astronomy project in human history, Tuvan throat singers, a neuroscientist’s quest to actually photograph memories being formed in the brain, and the creation of sand mandalas in remote Buddhist monasteries between Pakistan and Tibet, all told through the true story of a man running alone across Death Valley in average temperatures of 130 degrees fahrenheit.