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Infrasound, Push the Button, and Activating the Medium at 6pm (PDT)!

by emily

Tune in at 6pm for an interview by Michael Gendreau and Lisa Emily with Scott Arford about Infrasound

Tune in at 7pm to hear Brad Berridge, Davin Huston, and Vincent Olivieri talk about their sound art collective, Push the Button.

Tune in at 8pm for a re-broadcast of Jim HaynesActivating The Medium Series



by onelovesonlyform

INTERPANEL RELATIONSHIPS: A SPATIAL DISCUSSION took place on February 25th at S.H.E.D. Projects, an alternative art space in West Oakland, California. The panel featured Jackie Im (MacArthur B Arthur), Aaron Harbour (MacArthur B Arthur), Joel Dean (Important Projects), Emmy Moore (S.H.E.D. Projects), Jonah Susskind (S.H.E.D. Projects) and Nick Lally (local artist and educator).

Each panelist has been assigned one of the following subject/object positions: Video Space, Space is the Place, Space: The Final Frontier, Quantum Space, and Space Ibiza.  Each panelist will occupy their subject/object position with oblivion to the other panelists’ subject/object position.  A singular panelist can consist of more than one individual; for example, Emmy and Jonah collectively represented one subject/object position.

Moderator Tony Discenza helped to traverse the incongruences between each panelist’s assigned subject/object position – each relating to varied understanding of the notion of “space.”  The conversation’s trajectories were charted and mapped for the audience by Nightmare City in real time using flow charts, venn diagrams, and bulleted lists.




Space Is The Place & Ghosts of Radio Past

by onelovesonlyform

Tune in this afternoon starting at 4pm for an hour long DJ set by Gina Basso Space is the Place: An Interstellar Exploration of Pop Culture, Memory and Imagination followed by The Ghosts of Radio Past hosted by Gabrielle Gravestein, featuring selections from old LA radio shows from the early 90′s (original Love Line, KCRW, etc), “The Revolution Will Be Synthesized” and Sacred Bones, Captured Tracks, Disaro, Handmade Birds, Hardly Art, Pendu and more…

Kristofer Mills and James Sterling Pitt’s RRP (Recovered Records Project) Followed by Joshua Churchill’s Long-Form Parallel-Time Field Recording

by emily

Tune in at 10pm (PDT) for Kristofer Mills and James Sterling Pitt’s project, RRP (Recovered Records Project)!

From their proposal: “We are interested in creating a recording/broadcast using discarded vinyl LP’s as source material.  Inheriting the sounds embedded in these pre-existing records, the warps, scratches, notes, words, etc., and by using the titles of songs/ lyrics, musical language (notes, chords) as a connective thread we will create a new composition. Along with the found sounds and language of the records themselves, in the spirit of collaboration both Kristofer and James’ memories of the day together finding the records, the wind, temperature, landscape, our language and intuition will guide the composition. We see this approach to composition not unlike writing a poem or giving new life to music/sounds that have been left to the periphery….like fading memories themselves.”

Track Listing:

1. Mediterranean Mosaic
2. Joyful Spirit
3. Santa Cruz
4. Fire on the Water/ The Magnetic North
5. Special Delivery
6. Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen
7. Do What You Like
8. No One Can Do It Better
9. Remember When
10. For Earth Below
11. Interlude (I Still Feel that Feeling)
12. Beautiful Dreamer
13. Oh Susanna (Destroyed)
14. Fuck You, Shadowfax
15. Thank You, Shadowfax
16. Cricket’s Wickett / The Maiden Speaks
17. Crickets in Reverse/ Steppes and Steppes Around
18. The Unit (Failed)
19. We All Believe
20. Seagulls Taped
21. My Favorite Things (Dueling)

Followed by:

Long-Form Parallel-Time Field Recording, Djerassi SMIP Ranch Woodside, CA Sept. 6, 2011 by Joshua Churchill

Performance by John Benson & Screening of North On Evers by James Benning Tonight!

by onelovesonlyform

Liminal Space
950 54th Street
Oakland, CA 94608

$6-$10 suggested donation BUT no one turned away!!!

Starting the night with a radio inspired performance by John Benson “What’s The Frequency Kenneth?”

BRING MARSHMALLOWS FOR ROASTING in this chilly weather before we start the James Benning screening:

Black Hole Cinematheque & One Loves Only Form co-present:

North On Evers (1991)

“… NORTH ON EVERS charts the cross country ride by master framer of landscapes and is subtitled in handwritten text that moves across the frame. Benning overturns the notion of an easily consumable product at the outset, as he forces the viewer to take in all the sounds and images …. What finally emerges is an extremely evocative picture of what’s happened and is happening in this country from someone who would clearly like to feel patriotic today but finds patriotism very difficult. I would venture that Benning’s filmmaking is directly connected to the sense of overload: he forces us to take in both the shots and the subtitles, the past and the present, the sounds and the images. This is a country defined by such overstimulation and excess, and one of the best things about Benning’s narrative scrapbook is that it never allows us to imagine that either one of the texts is sufficient to encompass his subject’s complexity. To make this film Benning had to make the same trip twice. To watch it once is to be distracted, but in an evocative and resonant manner – to be drawn away from Benning’s travels and alienations and reminded of one’s own.”

– Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

A Visit From His Darkness!

by emily

“Order of the Black Mark Ritual Meditation on the New Moon” as performed live by His Darkness, Vincent Como.

Tonight at 7:30 pm (PDT)!

by emily

“Order of the Black Mark Ritual Meditation on the New Moon” as performed live by His Darkness, Vincent Como.

Followed by Ven Voisey‘s Ghost Radio and excerpts from Maximus Poems read by Ven Voisey.

Check out Nat Russell’s show at Mollusk on Saturday.

by onelovesonlyform

I had the pleasure of talking to Nat Russell for a couple hours yesterday morning (you can listen to the conversation on Friday at 5pm (PDT)) about his upcoming show “Space is a Place” at Mollusk Surf Shop. Stop by the opening on Saturday, March 24 from 7-10!

Tune in tonight for a history of oratory!

by onelovesonlyform

7:30 pm (PDT) Nate Dwyer and friends in dialogue on the history of oratory!

Stereo Mashup and Slow Jams from 10pm – 2am!

by onelovesonlyform

Starting this Tuesday evening with an hour long stereo mashup by George Chen. From 10pm – 11pm tune in two different shows that will play simultaneously on separate channels: one program in the left and the other in the right. Simulating the effect of tuning found between stations, the listener can choose to hard pan or listen to both in stereo.

playlist RIGHT
M.I.A. “Paper Planes” vs. Steve Reich “Clapping Music” (YoutubeDoubler)
Alvarius B “Humor Police” – Baroque Primitiva (Abduction)
Neil Campbell & Robert Horton “Cut-Free Taste Death” – Trojandropper (Zum)
U.S. Girls “Island Song” (KRAAK)
Terrors “Hit & Miss Iowa City (For Charles)” – Lagan Qord (Weird Forest)
Josie Long “Snails vs. Cyborgs” – Trying Is Good
Shoppers “II” – Silver Year (Feeble Minds)
Canaries Kept Quiet Kill “Yellow Jackets”
Bronze “Showing Them” – Copper (Rvng Intl)
Grouper “Demona” Dead Moon cover (YETI)
Dalot “Canyon” – Minutestatic (n5MD)
Michael Hurley “Wildgeeses” – Ida Con Snock (Gnomonsong)

playlist LEFT
Silence of the Lambs vs. Alvin Lucier “I Am Sitting In A Room” (YoutubeDoubler)
USAISAMONSTER “Bunk Fun” – Citizens Of The Universe (Infrasound)
David Tudor “Pulsers” – Three Works For Live Electronics (Lovely)
Fairport Convention “Tam Lin” – Who Knows Where The Time Goes? (Island)
Aziz Ansari “My Random Roommate” – Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening (Consensual Evening)
Gold Chains “Straight From Your Radio” – Gold Chains (Tigerbeat6)
Tim Hecker “Hatred Of Music I” – Ravdeath, 1972 (Kranky)
Scrotum Poles “Helicopter Honeymoon”- Auchmithie Forever (Dulc-I-Tone)
Uke Of Spaces Corners County “Flotilla” – So Far On The Way (Trd W/D)


Starting at 11pm and going on throughout the night until 2am tune in or call into the studio from for In Search of the Slowest Jam hosted by Joachim Hansen & Jessica Carr. Together they will be taking live calls all night from 415-912-7442!

In Search of the Slowest Jam will delve into the deepest depths of groove as we push man’s understanding of his own rhythms.  For three hours we will inhabit the pause between sensuality and soul, living in our inhalation of the worlds we desire.  Cease to struggle, and allow the greatness of this time to move through you as we tease our moment to a pitch.