Contributors for the first round of submissions will be notified of the programming decisions by Thursday, March 1st.

Programming will air throughout the month of March.

If you can not provide a pre-recorded submission by the deadline let us know why. Perhaps you want to do a live set or performance? Or your interview appointment at a later date? Etc.

If you can not provide a pre-recording of your submission, and do not plan on providing a live set or performance, please contact us with the specifics about the logistics and content of your project. This will help us assess your submission and potentially include you in the station’s programming with other appropriate contributors.

Send submissions to:

Please include the following:

Phone & Email:

If mailing send mail & self addressed stamped envelope to:
ATTN: Brianna & Emily
600 Guerrero Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Specify submission:

  • Artist talk
  • Reading of text (ex. poetry, writing, Charles Olson poem, etc)
  • Interview
  • Music
  • Live performance or broadcast
  • Art installation

Brief summation of your contribution:

  • If you are contributing an artist talk or interview tell us who will be included and how this relates to the curatorial concept stated above? Provide a brief summary of what you plan to discuss.
  • If you plan to contribute music what do you plan to play? Please give a set list or a description of what you plan to play and mention some of the people you will include in your set.
  • Reminder: music contributions do not need to be specific to curatorial theme

Do you want your contribution to be a series? If yes, how many?

Length of contribution: 15min, 30min, 45min, 60min, if none of these please specify desired length.

Format for submission:

  • Live recording
  • Pre-recording

If you are contributing a pre-recorded submission what format will you provide: tape, CD, digital file, flash drive, etc.

Are you interested in volunteering time or help with the logistics of this station? If so, how? Some of the things we need help with are:

  • Reading excerpts from Maximus Poems
  • Tech support
  • Sound recording, editing and engineering
  • Hanging out with Brianna and Emily while broadcasting

Potential subject matter for submissions may include but is not limited to:

  • Existence within physical space/perception: proliferation of media, the Occupy Movement, virtual space, the paranormal
  • Exploration: space exploration, terrestrial exploration, etc
  • Car culture: road trips, freeways/Interstate highways, roadside attractions
  • The spectacle of cities like Las Vegas, NYC, LA
  • History of radio: Radio Free Berkeley, Peel Sessions, the invention of radio/audio technology
  • Sound frequency vs. physical space
  • Physical response to sounds frequencies: sounds we can not hear but exist or effect us
  • How do Americans relate to the landscape and define themselves: individuality, expectation of material possessions, car culture, scale of space, property ownership, diversity of geography and climate